Sillas plegables y resistentes

Folding chairs designed for outdoors

Forget about the damage caused by bad weather

Silla plegable y resistenteFolding

You can save it enywhere

Silla ligera y resistenteLight

Easy to transport thanks to its weight

Silla resistente ante todoResistant fabric

Unbreakable upholstery with anti-humidity treatment

silla cómoda y plegableComfortable

The perfect break at any time

Silla resistente al agua y al solCan get wet

If the rain surprises you, do not suffer for it

Sillas para hosteleria, bares y restaurantes

Perfectas para hostelería

Bonitas y ligeras, aguantan cualquier inclemencia meteorológica.
Se pueden apilar fácilmente y ocupan sólo 8 cm de ancho. 
¡ Monta y desmonta tu terraza en un plis !


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Kolser S.L. Within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, it has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European ERDF fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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